Song? “Matlabi (Sooraj Dooba Hai)” from Roy (2015)

Awesome song. I heard it first thing in the morning as soon as I woke up.  I’m completely in sync with it.

State of Mind?  “Confused”

Weather? It’s started to get chilly. The sign of winter onset, cold mornings. But it gets warmer with every hour, the sun blazing in full blast, as if in a desert. Then by the evening it starts getting cooler again. I think Bangalore’s weather has severe PMS.

The world is a very twisted place. You care, you are criticized. You don’t bother, you are criticized. What exactly does the world want?

You come across all kinds of people – human and sub-human. Some bring out the best in you, while some, the worst. A few will stand by you, no matter in what state of mind you are in. There are a few others who would love to see you in trouble.

‘Take it easy’, some say. But this is an attitude not everybody possesses. Some people have the ability to switch off, disconnect and walk away. While some people do a great job of shielding their emotions. (I envy both these types)

Great minds say, ‘follow your heart’. If it were that easy, trust me, this world would have been a different place. To follow one’s heart is a luxury only a few can afford. And that’s a cruel fact of life. In this constant battle of heart and mind, as you undergo an emotional catharsis, I have noticed, a lot of songs begin to make sense.  And losing yourself to the familiar vibes of deafening music becomes your safe haven, a last resort.

I don’t understand when someone says they care and then do nothing about it. I don’t understand what people want. Though I genuinely care, I am labeled as a fake. If I do something about it, I am called a fool or stupid. If I don’t, I am known as someone with a façade.

But then it is indeed a very twisted world.

Oh well!