Every breath I take, every move I make

Resonates with memories of you

Captured in my heart, unable to tear apart

Opening floodgates, controlling which all my will they take


Like a thread passing through a needle

Your absence cuts through me

Dragging me to the abyss of darkness

As I stitch memories with its color


With thoughts lingering in my head for a while

At the same time, I cry and manage to smile

The abandoned pillow, those creased sheets

Stare back at me as if helping me cross that mile


Alien to my own self and thoughts

With silence screaming back at me

Trying to jolt me back to where I am

My response being unscathed calm


Your voice is that gentle humming song

That plays in my head,

Being my rock on the path I tread

Assuring we won’t be away for long.



dandelionSearching eyes, peering through the mirage of life

Thoughts like wild torrents tumble, causing a strife

Igniting a spark that pervades the soul

Strengthening the scaffold that makes me whole


My mind wanders with nothing to hold

Through dark corridors, that were once cold

Pondering over emotions gathering dust

Memories drown, in the amnesia sea, covered in rust


I walk on its shore, with foam kissing my feet

As if begging me to halt, albeit for a beat

I smile at the naivety of the waves, being so nice

They hardly knowing I’ll never compromise


A distant lighthouse became my guide

Cajoling me to take my stride

I glanced upon the deep blue sea

Blowing conch shells that greeted me


My true essence shown

I keep dancing on my own

Soaring through the wind on a night dark

I, from the world, am slowly drifting apart


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This is another poem that I wrote during my tenure as a content writer, in the first company. Though there’s no particular significance to the poem, I just penned down thoughts as they came. I hope you enjoy reading this, just as you liked the previous one.

Life Without You…
It’s hard to explain in words, how I feel without you…

Walking on the street, reminiscing the past,
Even in a crowd I feel so alone,
Feels like yesterday,
But it’s been awhile since you are gone,
Your absence has left a gaping wound in my heart,
Seems like my world has been ripped apart,
In the darkness of the night,
When the whole world is lost in slumber tight,
I sit by the window, allowing tears to stream,
Listening to my heart in pain and sorrow, scream
Pondering over what went wrong and where,
Thinking of the things you never wanted to share.

Faking smiles, so that the world won’t know,
The hurt, the pain I try not to show,
No matter wherever I am, whatever I do, 
Everyday is a battle, I struggle to go through,
I find myself always thinking of you,
Looking back at the times we were together,
Basking in immaculate love and care,
Brings a smile and a wish you were still there,
How do I explain, what do I tell,
To make you understand that I’m going through hell,
I wish you could know how it hurts me,
To think of a life without you…


My first job was that of a content writer. Writing about different subjects under the sun, I knew this was what I wanted to do. No matter my job was out of the league (not an engineer, neither a doc, nor an MBA), I found my niche. This job gave me the flexibility to explore my creative side too. The poem below is one that I wrote five years ago, just like that, and I did receive some good reviews. Thought I’d share with you too.

Were You Genuine?
Sometimes, things are not the same as they are portrayed…
Never had I known, would our paths cross again,
Meeting you, I realized you are still the same,
I thought I’d be walking the path alone,
But with you by my side, I always feel at home,
I want you in my life,
Just like a desert needs the rain,
Like an answer to my prayer,
I knew, I could turn to you,
You told me you’ll always be there.

Whatever I felt, whatever I wanted to share,

I found myself secure in your unfeigned care,
I had so much to tell, so much to ask,
But then I found we were slowly drifting apart,
A feeling that rent my heart,
I thought we would be like this forever,
But you made me realize this was just a dream,
You left, leaving my questions unanswered,
Now all I can ask is – ‘Were You Genuine?’


This piece was influenced by a friend who told me her experience. And I thought why not try a hand at poetry, for a change. So here goes…


Lonely in my head,

I feel so low,

Hiding the hurt and pain,

No one will ever know.

My eyes feel so tired,

Staying awake, spending sleepless nights,

Your face still haunts my dreams,

You are all I see when I turn out the light.

My world shattered so suddenly,

It happened so fast,

I knew all at once,

That none of this would last.

Was I just a game?

Was this all just for fun?

Did my feelings even matter,

To you who were ‘The One’?

I hold my head high,

As I walk by your side,

Though silent tears well up,

And I am slowly dying inside.

Days, weeks, and months have passed,

Keeping secrets, telling lies,

I don’t have the strength,

To look either of them in the eye.

My heart has been broken,

Not once, but twice,

Once by my best friend,

And once by his true lies.