Sometimes when silence speaks louder than words can say

And you find yourself flowing that way

At times when you are lonely and sad

All you need is that hand to erase all the bad


Sometimes when things are hard to fathom

And you’re left wondering, why they have to be this way

It’s okay to sit on a beach or dance in the rain

As these are the answers just to relieve that pain


Sometimes life feels like walking through a fog

And you’re seeking ways to remove that clog

As you declutter your mind to give it your best

You find a ray that shines brighter than the rest


In this game called life, with everyone caught in his own strife

It’s okay to feel all alone, with nothing left to atone

Because sometimes the hardest ones get hurt

And even the strongest need comfort.







Every breath I take, every move I make

Resonates with memories of you

Captured in my heart, unable to tear apart

Opening floodgates, controlling which all my will they take


Like a thread passing through a needle

Your absence cuts through me

Dragging me to the abyss of darkness

As I stitch memories with its color


With thoughts lingering in my head for a while

At the same time, I cry and manage to smile

The abandoned pillow, those creased sheets

Stare back at me as if helping me cross that mile


Alien to my own self and thoughts

With silence screaming back at me

Trying to jolt me back to where I am

My response being unscathed calm


Your voice is that gentle humming song

That plays in my head,

Being my rock on the path I tread

Assuring we won’t be away for long.


Shadows In the Mirror

In the mirror, I can see

The eyes of a stranger staring back at me

Soulless, vacant and lost

Searching for the place where all the smiles and happiness were tossed


In the darkness sublime, I grope the walls

Looking for the bygone joy, among pitfalls

If only I could pretend

Pushing away realities and making assumptions end


I wish I had a heart of stone

With neither memories or emotions to atone

Blissfully ignoring the obvious

Remaining carefree and callous


Her face seems familiar

But her eyes are that of a stranger

All I can ask her is a question

Who are you and where did I go?