I usually don’t post about food or cafes/pubs. But I couldn’t resist writing about Mugged. This new cafe is a welcome change, in an otherwise boring lane. Located three buildings away from my home, I used to pass it every time I would go out.

What amused me was the name! ‘Mugged’! Not only was it a little out of the league, but the display of the items available was really exotic. Since the time it became functional, I was eager to try it out. So, one day, mom and I decided to check out this cafe on our way back home.

Though simple, the cafe’s ambiance was just right. A warm, mushy feeling that made you feel welcome, as soon as you stepped inside. Since it’s a fairly new place, the menu is on A4 sheets clipped together on a board. They have an exquisite array of European dishes and a range of refreshing beverages and slushes. After going through the menu, we ordered Scotch Broth (nothing alcoholic). This was a light barley broth with vegetables and chicken (you also get the veg variety). Refreshing to the palate, this broth, served along with toasted French bread, was really delicious till the last drop.

Since I wanted to have something cool, I decided to try a slush. They have some really good slushes, with nice combos. Since it was the mango season, I decided to try their Mango Chili Slush. As amazing as it looked, it tasted brilliant too. The superb blend of cool, sweet and hot (from the chili) was like a kaleidoscope of flavors on the tongue. Their other items on the menu are also exotic. All in all, it was a beautiful experience. Worth a lot more visits, to try out their other items.

Their address:

8, 2nd Floor, Opposite Shankara Eye Hospital, Gulmohar Enclave Road, Kundalahalli Signal, Marathahalli, Bangalore

So try it out and let me know your opinion, in the comments section.

Something  I Tried:

Scotch Broth.


Mango Chili Slush


Taken from Zomato: