This piece was influenced by a friend who told me her experience. And I thought why not try a hand at poetry, for a change. So here goes…


Lonely in my head,

I feel so low,

Hiding the hurt and pain,

No one will ever know.

My eyes feel so tired,

Staying awake, spending sleepless nights,

Your face still haunts my dreams,

You are all I see when I turn out the light.

My world shattered so suddenly,

It happened so fast,

I knew all at once,

That none of this would last.

Was I just a game?

Was this all just for fun?

Did my feelings even matter,

To you who were ‘The One’?

I hold my head high,

As I walk by your side,

Though silent tears well up,

And I am slowly dying inside.

Days, weeks, and months have passed,

Keeping secrets, telling lies,

I don’t have the strength,

To look either of them in the eye.

My heart has been broken,

Not once, but twice,

Once by my best friend,

And once by his true lies.


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