In the crowd why is it that the heart searches for that special One? In times of sorrow and distress, why is it that you go to The One? All your wishes and prayers circle that One… Day in and day out, round-the-clock, it is that One who occupies your thoughts… Why is that you care less for yourself but a single sneeze or a cough from the One sends your heart racing? You find your entire world only in that One… The One who means the universe to you… Why is it that every happy occasion or news has to be shared with that special One?

No matter what the matter is, how deep the hurt is, why do you find solace in that One’s arms? Wishing for the One to be in front of your eyes always… It’s as if the world is dark without the One’s presence… Hearing the One’s voice seems to melt away all your worries, wipes tears, and brings happiness that the world seems small in front of it…

Why the One?

A simple yet complicated answer…

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