Been introduced to music at a tender age, it has grown to be my passion. I don’t follow any particular genre, as there’s so many fish in the sea. And “a bit of everything, really” applies true in my case. Why restrict one to a particular zone, when there is an eclectic mix waiting to be tried out, right?

Music has become a kind of drug for me. It’s my anti-depressant when I’m low and my dope when I’m high. I have to listen to music every day no matter what, without which my day seems incomplete. So be it at home, in the bus, or at work, I have my Siamese twin (read music player) wherever I am. It’s more than a need, music has become a necessity, an answer to my life. And thank God for online music streaming, I’m plugged in even during work hours.

I have had a few people telling me that I have a good taste in music and even “you’ve got one helluva playlist”, which I’m glad I do. Cuz I choose my songs, as a jeweler examines and selects a gem. And hey! I have a SMART PHONE (in the literal sense, as well) as it chooses by default the songs depending on my mood. Well at times, it does seem creepy, as if my phone reads my mind. But then, my twin knows me better. Seeing my love for music, a friend gifted me an MP3 player, where I almost have a thousand songs (different artistes and genres).

Blame it on my obsession; there have been many times when I have resisted singing along with the song playing. However, once in a while the resistance breaks and I end up singing, oblivious to the fact that I’m in the bus, and much to the amusement of my fellow commuters. Well, what I have resisted is getting up and doing a jig to some peppy song playing.

I can very well say “Music is my life” and not a single day passes on without me being plugged in. It’s as if we have vowed to be together, till death do us apart. Music. My Companion. My Shoulder.


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