The sun sets, lighting up the sky in a bright array of colors that slowly turn black. Suddenly the air is rent with the sound of birds, returning back to their nests. Somewhere far, the critter of insects can be heard. Streetlights slowly start coming up, illuminating the roads. The air turns crisp and cooler, a refreshing waft. Night sets in…

When the rest of the world prepares to slumber, there are a few “creatures” (humans, I mean) who turn active at night. It’s as if the darkness ignites their spirit, kindling the very soul. There’s something about darkness, serenity beyond explanation. The dictionary terms it as Nyctophilia or love of darkness or the night. Is it psychological or spiritual or does it have a scientific meaning behind this liking? I am not sure. As a child, I used to fear the dark (Haven’t we all done that!?!).  I was terrified of being anywhere that was even partially dark. Power cuts at nights would spell doom. I fervently would pray for the power to come back.

However, growing up, I suddenly developed an affinity towards the dark. I feel this odd comfort, whenever I look out of my window at night. The pitch blackness of the night envelopes me in a calmness, that human mind may not perceive. It is at this time where my brain, at its heightened energy, craves for activity. The peace outside, with an occasional disturbance of insects, the calm breeze, and sometimes the moon shining through the clouds, feels like a perfect setting.  There’s an amazing relaxation that only a night can bring. No harsh sun to ruin the mood, nor the dry wind that parches your soul. I love the night time, for reasons best known to be. I’m sure my fellow beings, who find comfort in the darkness, will agree with what I’m saying.

Nyctophilic, this is me!


3 thoughts on “#FortheLoveoftheDark

  1. Nice to see your first post 🙂 Nicely written. Sometimes darkness feels like our old buddy who we greet and welcome after a long day. Can totally understand you on that one! Hope to see many more posts.

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