I quit my job, took a two-week break and joined a new place. Of course I am swell glad because I found my dream job, the one I always wanted to do. There’s so much to learn here. Going to work is fun, but what gets to me is the traffic (Bangalore has crazy traffic). Amongst all this “pandemonium”, I realized I had completely forgotten something I love doing. It suddenly struck to me that I hadn’t picked a book for ages.

Determined to break the jinx, I scanned my collection. Randomly, I picked up Chetan Bhagat’s Two States. Though not a fan of the writer, I had bought this book, when I was in Pune, just out of curiosity. Now it served as a light read. Getting into a comfortable position and reading, I slowly got lost into my own world. Poring through the pages, imagining the scenes, and laughing at the funny ones, I felt like a missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle had fallen into place, to complete the picture.

After an hour and a half (of course with a dinner break in between), as I kept down the finished book, I felt a calmness surround me. After this post, I am picking up another book (Stephen King’s Pet Sematary). I guess it is going to be the night I love. By the time you read this post I may be in deep sleep, after an all night readathon . Such is the joy of reading. Unadulterated, replete, and sweet.




Been introduced to music at a tender age, it has grown to be my passion. I don’t follow any particular genre, as there’s so many fish in the sea. And “a bit of everything, really” applies true in my case. Why restrict one to a particular zone, when there is an eclectic mix waiting to be tried out, right?

Music has become a kind of drug for me. It’s my anti-depressant when I’m low and my dope when I’m high. I have to listen to music every day no matter what, without which my day seems incomplete. So be it at home, in the bus, or at work, I have my Siamese twin (read music player) wherever I am. It’s more than a need, music has become a necessity, an answer to my life. And thank God for online music streaming, I’m plugged in even during work hours.

I have had a few people telling me that I have a good taste in music and even “you’ve got one helluva playlist”, which I’m glad I do. Cuz I choose my songs, as a jeweler examines and selects a gem. And hey! I have a SMART PHONE (in the literal sense, as well) as it chooses by default the songs depending on my mood. Well at times, it does seem creepy, as if my phone reads my mind. But then, my twin knows me better. Seeing my love for music, a friend gifted me an MP3 player, where I almost have a thousand songs (different artistes and genres).

Blame it on my obsession; there have been many times when I have resisted singing along with the song playing. However, once in a while the resistance breaks and I end up singing, oblivious to the fact that I’m in the bus, and much to the amusement of my fellow commuters. Well, what I have resisted is getting up and doing a jig to some peppy song playing.

I can very well say “Music is my life” and not a single day passes on without me being plugged in. It’s as if we have vowed to be together, till death do us apart. Music. My Companion. My Shoulder.


The sun sets, lighting up the sky in a bright array of colors that slowly turn black. Suddenly the air is rent with the sound of birds, returning back to their nests. Somewhere far, the critter of insects can be heard. Streetlights slowly start coming up, illuminating the roads. The air turns crisp and cooler, a refreshing waft. Night sets in…

When the rest of the world prepares to slumber, there are a few “creatures” (humans, I mean) who turn active at night. It’s as if the darkness ignites their spirit, kindling the very soul. There’s something about darkness, serenity beyond explanation. The dictionary terms it as Nyctophilia or love of darkness or the night. Is it psychological or spiritual or does it have a scientific meaning behind this liking? I am not sure. As a child, I used to fear the dark (Haven’t we all done that!?!).  I was terrified of being anywhere that was even partially dark. Power cuts at nights would spell doom. I fervently would pray for the power to come back.

However, growing up, I suddenly developed an affinity towards the dark. I feel this odd comfort, whenever I look out of my window at night. The pitch blackness of the night envelopes me in a calmness, that human mind may not perceive. It is at this time where my brain, at its heightened energy, craves for activity. The peace outside, with an occasional disturbance of insects, the calm breeze, and sometimes the moon shining through the clouds, feels like a perfect setting.  There’s an amazing relaxation that only a night can bring. No harsh sun to ruin the mood, nor the dry wind that parches your soul. I love the night time, for reasons best known to be. I’m sure my fellow beings, who find comfort in the darkness, will agree with what I’m saying.

Nyctophilic, this is me!